Founded in 2007, TPS Packaging Solutions is a company serving discerning customers and focusing on quality and innovation.
Its thirty-year experience in national and international markets selling food product packaging materials and systems, mainly to the fruit and vegetable sector, combined with the dynamic and enthusiastic business approach of its two partners, are the main features of TPS Packaging Solutions.

TPS Srl deals with:

- The sale of machinery, equipment, materials and accessories for business activities, mainly for the packaging sector; agency contracts with/without exclusive sales rights;
- In-house design, study and prototyping of new machinery, equipment and automated/non-automated systems;
- Acquisition of trademarks, patents and registered designs;
 - Marketing consulting, market choices, availability of new materials, study of innovative product packaging solutions; design and graphic design of packaging;
 - Management of promotional events, regulatory update seminars and sales force conventions.

Our products:

- all kinds of plastic film: bonded, single film, plain and printed
– plastic and aluminium trays – plain and printed labels
 - special labels e.g. print-embossed and hot-rolled
 – thermal transfer ribbons for labels - packaging machines (shrink wrapping, flow pack, vertical packaging, etc.) and vacuum packaging machines.
- paper industry: American-style boxes, corrugated cardboard, cardboard display stands and durables.